Balliol has a mixed netball team which plays matches once a week, and when the weather is nice we also train on Wednesday afternoons. The Balliol team is in a league with teams from other colleges, and is in the third best league in the university, which means that the matches we play are super casual. There are no restrictions on who can play for the netball team – the sign up list is open to all, and everyone who signs up to play gets some time on the court. Most people on the Balliol netball team either haven’t played netball for a few years since they were at school, or haven’t played netball before ever.

Our netball court is located very close to Balliol and the city centre, at the Jowett Walk complex (where some Balliol students live). This is great, because it means everyone can easily walk or cycle to matches, and we don’t waste lots of time or money travelling out of the city centre (as is the case for some college netball courts and other sports facilities).

For netballers who want to play more netball than one match a week and the occasional training session, there is an Oxford-wide netball squad which all students can trial for.



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