Women’s Hockey

The Women’s Hockey team at Balliol is actually a joint team with University College. This means that around half of the players go to Balliol, and the other half go to Univ. The reason for this is that in both colleges separately, there are not enough women interested in playing hockey to make a full team. The joint aspect of being on the Women’s Hockey team is a great – at the end of the season, we went for brunch in Univ hall and there is a really lovely friendship between the two colleges. The Women’s Hockey team is a really good way to escape the Balliol bubble for a little while.

The Univ/Balliol team play in a league against other Oxford colleges, with one match arranged each week throughout the first two terms of the year. We also enter into an inter-college tournament called ‘cuppers’. This year, the team was relatively successful in the league. Last year, the Women’s Hockey team fizzled out somewhat, because of a lack of women interested in playing hockey. This year however, we always managed to put out a team (even if sometimes we were a little short of players). We even won some of our matches! Unfortunately, we lost the first game in cuppers, and so were knocked out of the tournament in the first round. All around though, the team have a really impressive season. Congratulations must go to the co-captains, Cealach and Eliza, for managing to rescue the team from the brink of collapse at the end of last year and reigniting excitement about Women’s Hockey.



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