8th Week, Hilary 2016

This week was fairly quiet as things wound down for the end of term. Mid-way through the week, History and English final year students handed in their dissertations and prepared to take some time off before starting revision. Students on three year courses will have their final exams next term. Our student run theatre, The Pilch, announced its term card after lengthy deliberations over show bids from students throughout the university; highlights include Rhinoceros and Orphans, both of which look to push the newly renovated space to its limit. The academic side of the term was wrapped up by ‘handshakings’, where students meet all their tutors and get feedback and advice on their term’s work. Then the end of term celebrations commenced, with a college party (a ‘bop’) and the closing night of the Lindsay Bar, where the barrels needed to be emptied and so prices are cut accordingly. Finally, all the first years moved out of their college rooms for the Easter vacation. Most final year students stayed in their college rooms in order to be in Oxford to revise.


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