Mixed Touch Rugby

πŸ‰ πŸ‰ πŸ‰

Balliol has a mixed touch rugby term that trains once per week during Hilary term, and competes in a league during Trinity term. Mixed touch rugby is perhaps one of the largest, most sociable Balliol sports teams – there are players from a whole range of sporting backgrounds, all years, and even some graduate students who come along to training. The team is relatively young for a Balliol sports team, as it was established around a year ago. However, the team became popular within the Balliol student community very quickly, thanks to its very casual, everyone-welcome policy.

This term is an exciting one for the team, as we will hopefully be getting some stash! β€˜Stash’ means team sports kit, and most of the Balliol societies and sports teams have stash of some sort. The rowers have unisuits, which are all in one lycra monstrosities, the rugby team have shirts to play in as well as blazers for formal events and dinners, the maths society (BUMS – Balliol Undergraduate Maths Society) have jumpers. The stash possibilities are endless! Mixed touch are hoping to get rugby shirts and socks in navy blue and pink – we’re all very excited for their arrival, and will add a picture to this blog post as soon as we can!

Here is a picture of the team in action in the beautiful Uni Parks, and a team photo – you can see just how popular the sport is by the number of people in this picture (and there are quite a few regular players who missed this particular photoshoot!!)



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