Mixed Lacrosse

Balliol has a mixed lacrosse team, which is a relatively new addition to the sports on offer at an informal college level. The team was founded just two years ago, by Balliol lacrosse enthusiast James Kavanagh. James had begun to play lacrosse with the Men’s University team, and was disappointed that Balliol didn’t have a college team, and so he created one. This is a great example of how the activities you choose to get involved in at university really are without limit – if the society or team you want to join doesn’t exist, it isn’t too difficult to create it for yourself.

The Mixed Lacrosse team is super informal, and most of the players had never picked up a lacrosse stick before they arrived at university. Despite this, the Lacrosse team is one of the keenest sports teams in Balliol – highlights of this year have included Lacrosse team jumpers as well as shirts to play in. Lacrosse sticks are provided, so there are no expensive pieces of kit to buy before you join the team. This means that lots of people come along to the initial training sessions to try out the sport. Although there are some players who turn up to every training session and match, there are plenty of people who play lacrosse casually, playing a match here and there when they have the time.


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